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When Ida, a wealthy older optimist, sets out to complete her Christmas shopping, little does she know the dramatic turn her life will take when she decides to go by bus to save a few dollars and becomes the victim of a brutal assault.

Her luck takes a three-sixty turn when Junior, a young African-American student from the wrong side of town with troubles of his own, comes to her rescue—or does it?

Christmas in Los Angeles can bring out the worst in some, but it can also spin misery into miracles and just maybe restore faith.

“The Wrong Bus is a story of unexpected connections, a reminder that families come in all configurations and that love is indeed color-blind. It's a joyous celebration of the true spirit of Christmas.”

Katherine Tomlinson

Story Authority

“The Wrong Bus is right in so many ways. The story's message is powerful and refreshing.”

Rob Dorfman

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