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The Wrong Bus
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See what readers are saying about ‘The Wrong Bus’

Even though this is a "Christmas story", it certainly doesn't have to be. The messages of relationship, acceptance, trust, understanding, taking chances, pride, moving on...are ones to be reminded of anytime. As I began to know Ida and her ways it reminded me fondly of someone in my life. As a matter of fact the scope of characters in the book were of such a broad range that any reader will find at least someone in the book that they know in their own life. It was touching watching the maturity of the young Junior and how he handled the hand he was dealt in life. He and Ida make a perfect opposite pair. Even the 2nd tier characters in the book all had their uphill battles, but I liked the fact that              not all story lines were neatly tied up - as in life - as some things need more time for resolution even after the last page is turned. Finally, expect a tear or two as Mr. Hampton's way with words and how moments unfold will catch you off guard as his characters sneak their ways into your heart.- J Meyer

Mr Hampton's work moves the reader across well formed realities of incredibly diverse characters who inhabit different worlds within the same geography. The Wrong Bus gives us a view of lives and narratives very different than the ones we normally experience. A heartwarming and original perspective of life in the city. - R Willmington

Mr Hampton's facility with the English language is notable and exceptional, particularly in these times, when authors seem disposed to seek an ever-lower common denominator. The story is poignant, and draws on "urban legends" familiar to us all, with redemption as an over-arching theme. It's a Christmas story in that sense. Because of Hampton's excellent writing, the book is quickly read, which only enhances the enjoyment. I am sure that this author will gain a following, particularly as his body of work grows. It's a strong work, which stands out among today's offerings. - M Fullwood

this is a fantastic book for any time of the year. I LOVED it!!!the characters were perfectly developed and I didn't want the book to end. Ida & Junior became part of my family. it's just so refreashing to read a book that has to do with old fahion values. this book makes me feel proud to be transends race, religion, culture and age. it's about caring for one another.

Please John, finish your next book, I can't wait to much longer.- L Marotta

Every day the news bombards us with sad news of broken lives and mean spirited people. It's hard to stay optimistic when we see what humans can and are doing to each other. Read this book of John Hampton's and poignantly you will see and feel the brokenness in numerous lives that on the surface should never connect. But they do, and in a way that makes it hard to put the book down. It left me mired in HOPE. Great short read and a good unusual Christmas book to give to friends.- J James

This is a first novel by John Hampton, and it surely won't be the last. What a great read. I couldn't put it down . A real page turner. But what makes it stand out from the crowd is the beautifully fleshed out characters adding so much more interest to the fast moving plot. You learn to care about Ida, Madeline, Eula and Junior.  I notice it is titled "Volume 1". I am waiting impatiently for Volume 2, to learn what happens to this newly created family.

This book makes the perfect Christmas present for friends and family.-Andrew

The tightly written page-turner yarn: "The Wrong Bus" is a striking example of a small book with characters that all have a compelling authenticity while being a large story about the inter-connectedness of people. Experiences involving family struggles and breakthroughs are shared with the reader in a way that makes you keep reading - this is not a book you can put down. This book is a keeper! "The Wrong Bus" is a great read about human nature; that goodness will prevail, that life is hard and that life is joyful. Ida, Madeline and Junior, some of the major characters along with secondary players (the bus driver, pawn shop owner, police) and remarkably many others all contribute to a well focused plot; an intricate web of love and compassion that is not merely conceptual but where responsibility and discipline become part of our daily living.  John Hampton has done a terrific job at authoring a Christmas story that has every likelihood of joining other holiday classics - but with a contemporary urban slant. Job well done!- Phyllis

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